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I am the gamze and the founder of www.inbalstarot.com, your online destination for tarot.

Even as a small child I was in constant contact with invisible energies. I define this as the natural flow of life that connects all objects on earth. Nature has given me an open "antenna", which I bring up through tarot cards. My main drive is to share this gift with the whole world and to help people in desperate situations. My goal is to inspire you and encourage you to live the best version of your life!




Don't mystify me. I'm a normal, flesh-and-blood person with an ordinary life and the same joys and sorrows as you.
turn your head on Nobody knows you better than you do. Tarot is Tarot, don't base your life on it.
Stay away from black magic, love spells or similar. Such practices involve alien energies that are beyond your control and can wreak irreversible damage on your mind. Take responsibility for your mental hygiene. Protect your privacy and don't allow any mixing with other energies.
The "gift" cannot be found or learned. It will be given to you by the universe (a gift) once your body, soul and brain are ready. Respect the warning you will receive once you the cross the line and let this topic rest.
  • stay away from service providers who oblige you to maintain secrecy or market themselves as an insider tip or a cure-all.


    Questions & answers to a card reader (excerpt from the question and answer session on Instagram)

    How long have you been dealing cards?

    For 1-2 years.

    Why don't you show yourself?

    Because this isn't about me, it's about the cards and their messages.

    Can you tell more about your gift or how it came about?

    This is a very long and intimate story that I (as of today) cannot put into reasonable words.

    How did you get into tarot?

    While researching Aleister Crowley I came across his Crowley Toth cards.

    What are your zodiac signs?

    Sun Taurus, Ascendant Cancer, Moon Aries, Venus Taurus

    Have you attended card reading seminars?


    What are your favorite cards?

    The High Priestess, the Empress and Death.

    When did you notice your gift?

    Around the age of 20 I noticed that something in my head was "different" :)

    What is your favorite color?


    Does it happen that your intuitive messages don't match the tarot cards?

    Has never happened to me before.

    Has your gift made you think you're crazy?

    Basically, I think I'm a bit crazy, and that's a good thing. So far, no mental illnesses have been diagnosed by doctors in this regard.

    Can you also predict things for yourself?

    Yes. However, do not like doing it and do not recommend it to anyone.

    Do you meditate regularly?

    I don't meditate, I basically live meditatively.

    Are you married and do you have children?

    No and no.

    Is your mind's eye always "active" (e.g. in everyday life)?

    My "antenna" is semi-active all the time and fully active when needed.

    Does your name have a special meaning?

    Inbal is my nickname and means bell clapper.

    How do you test your thoughts to see if they are illusion, wishful thinking, or prophecy?

    There is no wishful thinking and I get predictions on demand.

    Does your gift run in the family?

    I don't know of any specific case in my ancestors.

    Do you also see bad things and then don't say it?

    Yes. Violence, blood, crime, etc. I keep it to myself because the message is not intended for the collective.

    Do you feel like you have more control over your talent since reading tarot?

    Control was never an issue. But tarot helps me to translate/prove/explain my premonitions.

    How do your friends and family feel about spirituality and card reading?

    Some think it's great, some it scares and some don't care. Basically, spirituality is an important part of Alevism and therefore not alien to my family.

    What kind of music do you like?

    No matter what, the main thing is in the highest volume :)

    Do you (privately) also analyze birth charts?

    No. I don't know how to analyze birth charts.

    Does your red ribbon on your left wrist have a special meaning?

    Is a Kabbalah bracelet and gift/blessing from a Rabbi in Jerusalem.

    Where did you get your gift from?

    From the nature.

    Have you ever worked with another medium?


    Can I meet you in person sometime?

    No, unfortunately that will not work.

    Where did you learn to read maps?


    Can you recommend a good book for astrology?

    Unfortunately, I don't know any books on astrology.

    Do you have a favorite deck of cards?

    Yes, the Witches Tarot.


    Overview of the tarot decks that I have dealt with as a card reader

    As a card reader, I have dealt with various tarot decks over the course of time and would like to give a small excerpt at this point. The range of tarot cards is so extensive that there is a suitable deck for everyone. If you start looking, you are guaranteed to find the right tarot deck - or found by him.

    Crowley Tarot

    The Crowley Tarot, also known as the Thoth Tarot, was created through the collaboration of the famous English occultist Aleister Crowley with the artist Lady Frieda Harris, who painted the cards according to his instructions. Frieda Harris was also an Egyptologist and introduced around 1200 symbols into the 78 cards. It impresses with the mystical symbolism of the cards and intense, captivating charisma. It also contains the Kabbalistic and Astrological attributions described in Crowley's 'The Book of Thoth'. First released in 1969, 22 years after Crowley's death, the deck is still popular today.

    Rider Waite Tarot

    The Rider Waite Tarot is one of the most popular tarot decks. It first appeared in 1910 and was developed by the mystic Arthur Edward Waite in collaboration with the artist Pamela Colman Smith. It was published by the Rider Company, hence the name Rider Waite Tarot. It is notable for its simplicity of motifs and historical depiction. It was influenced by older decks as well as other contemporary decks, but clearly differs from them in its departure from Christian motifs. In the Waite Tarot, the 'Pope Joan' became the 'High Priestess' for the first time, and the 'Pope' became the 'Hierophant'.

    Oswald Wirth Tarot

    The Oswald Wirth Tarot is a deck developed based on the Major Arcana cards published by the Swiss occultist, Freemason, and Kabbalist Oswald Wirth in 1889. Wirth's original deck, which contained only 22 cards, was based on the Marseille Tarot but included additional occult symbols. Wirth designed one of the first tarot decks to incorporate metaphysical symbolism, for which he is known to this day. He designed the cards to combine the purity of the Marseille Tarot with Masonic symbols. Today there are new editions of the Wirth Tarot, which add new ones to the original 22 cards.

    Marseille Tarot

    The Marseille Tarot, also known as the Tarot de Marseille, can be traced back to 15th-century Italy. The deck, which consists of 56 cards, became very popular around 1850. French artists and card makers from Marseilles and the surrounding area created new decks of cards, inspired by the old Italian cards - hence the name Marseille Tarot. It was probably originally designed for entertainment, inspired by Italian playing cards. However, it was discovered by the spiritual community as early as the 17th century and increasingly used for divinatory purposes.

    Walker Tarot

    The Walker Tarot was first published in 1986 by Barbara Walker. It has strong references to mythology, paganism, matriarchal beliefs and divine femininity.
    • The deck combines old elements with new ones - the major arcana is more traditional in design, while the minor arcana draws heavily on mythological and feminine symbolism.
    • It reflects a unique feminist perspective on the tarot. The cards depict gods and goddesses as well as symbols from various mythologies and religions from all over the world.
    • The colors red, black and white dominate in the deck, since according to Walker these reflect the colors of the holy feminine trinity as virgin, mother and crone.

    Druid Craft Tarot

    The Druid Craft Tarot has strong references to paganism, Wicca, and druidism. The maps were painted by Will Worthington in tempera, a painting technique that was particularly common in the Renaissance. The accompanying book was written by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. In the book, the first contacts of druids with the tarot are taken up and references are made between the tradition of the tarot and that of paganism, Wicca and druidism. It also refers to Pythagorean numerology, which was taught by Druids. The minor arcana is based on the symbolism of the four elements, while the major arcana is based on the symbolism of the male/female duality.

    Robin Wood Tarot

    The Robin Wood Tarot was first published in 1991 and is one of the most popular decks today. Robin Wood worked on her deck for ten years before completing it. It is heavily influenced by the nature and symbolism of paganism and Celtic mythology. It's particularly popular for its vivid, detailed illustrations - the cards are drawn so intricately that they almost come alive, drawing the viewer into their world. The accompanying book provides extensive information on the interpretation of the maps.

    Petersen Tarot

    The Petersen Tarot was developed by the Berlin artist Margarete Petersen. She worked on the deck for 22 years. The cards in this deck are characterized by their very abstract and surrealistic style, which often differs greatly from the classic symbolism of tarot. The interpretation of the cards in this tarot is often intuitive and emotionally guided. The Petersen Tarot is strongly influenced by myths and fairy tales and awakens dreamlike, fairytale feelings in the viewer. The deck connects the viewer with his subconscious and immerses him in an abstract world.

    Sacred Circle Tarot

    The Sacred Circle Tarot was developed by Anna Franklin and illustrated by Paul Mason. It is based on the symbolism of Celtic tradition and paganism. It takes you on a journey through the myths and symbols of the ancient Celts. The cards depict sacred places, plants and animals of the Celts. The cards have been designed by combining hand drawings, photographs and computer graphics, giving them their own distinctive style. The Sacred Circle Tarot celebrates nature and life and the circle of life, death and rebirth.

    Osho Zen Tarot

    The Osho Zen Tarot was illustrated by Ma Deva Padma and is based on the teachings of Zen Master Osho. Osho lived from 1931 to 1990 and was revered as a guru, mystic and spiritual teacher during his lifetime and today. It contains 79 cards - the traditional 78 cards plus an additional 79th master card. Each card contains not only a dreamlike picture, but also a quote from Osho and an explanation from the author. Without a doubt, the Osho Zen Tarot is not a classic deck - it is based on the philosophy of Zen and wants to teach the viewer to live in the now.  





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