Frequently Asked Questions

can you lay the cards for me

I do not offer personal sessions.

I bought the youtube sequel. Where can I find her now?

You have received an order confirmation by email. Open it and click on "View your order". Now you land on the order confirmation page. Here you click directly on: "CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE".

You have also automatically received an additional email message with the direct link to continue.

Please always check the spam folder as well.

I have a question about a statement in a YouTube video/continued

I will not go into individual questions about collective readings.

I don't have PayPal or a credit card, can I transfer the money to you?

Only PayPal and credit card are accepted. At you can open a PayPal account in 5 minutes and top it up by bank transfer. Alternatively, you can buy a rechargeable credit card (prepaid card) at the kiosk and use it immediately.

Which zodiac sign should I look at? The different statements confuse me.

Always pay attention to your Moon, Venus and Ascendant signs. These determine what will happen in your love life. Your sun sign only tells you something about your nature. Here you can calculate your planets. The layings on Youtube are collective layings and are intended for a large group. Means: not every statement is intended for you. The videos are for entertainment only, do not try to make a doctoral thesis out of them.

How do I calculate my moon, venus and ascendant sign?

Here you can calculate your planets. Consult an astrologer if you have questions about the calculation.

What is a Crosswatcher?

A "cross watcher," someone who watches videos of the other person's zodiac sign.

Which basic rules apply?

Please note the following rules:

  • "Don't kill the messenger": I'm just the messenger and I don't form an opinion on your situation. Everything I tell you is a message from the Universe to you. The more open you are to everything, the better I can bring you the news.
  • Respect the Universe: The tarot cards represent the current energies. Ultimately, we decide for ourselves how our life will go. Accept the messages from the universe with gratitude and take them as a spur and inspiration to positively influence a situation.
  • Respect Free Will: The free will of every individual is inviolable. I will not respond to inquiries regarding Love Spells or similar practices.

Which tarot decks are used?

Readings are performed using the well-established Rider Waite Tarot from 1910. In order to find out as many details as possible and to illuminate a situation from all sides, I supplement the main cards - depending on the question - with the following tarot systems, among others:

  • Witches Tarot
  • Lenormand cards
  • The Gilded Tarot Deck by Ciro Marchetti
  • Original Aleister Crowley Toth Tarot
  • gypsy cards
  • time cards
  • Jacket cards
  • Doreen Virtue Romance Angels Cards
  • Energy cards
  • Various oracle cards as required

Here you can find and purchase all used tarot cards.

Why does tarot work?

Based on the representations, the tarot cards show which energies and also influences are active in the situation being questioned. So looking at a card or cards is basically a perception or analysis of the energies.
The tarot cards will always provide you with insight, stimulate you to think and show you ways that you can take to reach your goal when making decisions or solving problems.  

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung explained the Tarot with the concept of synchronicity and understands it as the simultaneous or timely occurrence of two events that have a meaningful but not causal connection. According to this explanatory model, there is a parallel between what is presented in an interpretation and events in the life of the questioner.


Or in other words: Just as a painter perceives a scene with his eyes and depicts it with oil paint on a canvas, I perceive a scene with my intuition and depict it with the cards.

What are tarot cards?

Tarot cards can be dated to the 17th century in Europe. Tarot is believed to have originally come from Egypt. Tarot cards consist of 78 cards. It is divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The major arcana include the external influences that will control your life, while the minor arcana include the everyday events that you can influence or determine yourself. Tarot cards offer solutions for your love life, career and personal development.

If you are looking for solutions to your dilemma, you must not underestimate the power of a tarot card reading. Did you know that Napoleon's wife also turned to tarot for solutions? Tarot cards used to be used in a rather clandestine manner, so there is limited historical overview of this powerful system.

How can tarot help me?

A tarot reading is a gateway to universal knowledge. My intuitive skills and experience with tarot systems allow me to analyze the current situation and its future tendencies.

Tarot will give your feelings and thoughts more structure and clarity. If you are struggling to find the right answers in life and want to know the right path or direction, Tarot is ideal for you.

Tarot readings are best suited for themes related to love, career and personal development.