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Cheat sheet - German

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You will receive a PDF file in A4 format containing the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana with all the elements. In total, the file contains 5 pages on which the meaning stand upright and the opposite is shown. 

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The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards. They are also called trumps. Each trump shows a single motif and bears a corresponding, representative name. The Major Arcana are numbered from 0 to XXI through: 0 The Fool, I The Magician, II The High Priestess, III The Empress, IV The Ruler, V The Hierophant, VI The Lovers, VII The Chariot, VIII Strength, IX The Hermit, X Wheel of Destiny, XI Justice, XII The Hanged Man, XIII Death, XIV Temperance, XV The Devil, XVI The Tower, XVII The Star, XVIII The Moon, XIX The Sun, XX Judgment and XXI The World. Each trump card stands alone in its importance and accordingly deals with an individual topic. Drawing a trump in a reading is often a clear indication, while the minor arcana leave a little more room for interpretation. This uniqueness of the trumps also results in the final quintessence, which results as a kind of concluding remark of every reading.



The Minor Arcana are the 56 cards made up of four suit sets (Staves, Swords, Cups or Coins) of 14 cards each. Each set corresponds to one of the four elements:

  • The staff as a tarot symbol corresponds to the fire element.
  • The sword as a tarot symbol corresponds to the element of air.
  • The cup as a tarot symbol corresponds to the element of water.
  • And the coin, which is also called a disc or pentacle in other tarot decks, symbolizes the element of earth.

Each element reflects a certain aspect in a draw. The cheat sheet summarizes all of this information. It is shown what it means when it appears upright and when it appears upside down. It should help both tarot beginners and tarot professionals to improve their readings. 


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